Types of Men Hangout Spots Explained

Types of Men Hangout Spots Explained

Hanging out with family/friends/colleagues/club members where food and drinks alongside good music can be served has become a very common practice in our world today. A very tight schedule, a busy lifestyle, a meeting, a celebration, a promotion, a relaxation moment or sometimes just for a change of scenery etc are some of these reasons. There exist several hangout joints around the world including restaurants, lounges, bars, clubs and cafés. Many people, both proprietors and customers, sometimes find difficulty in differentiating these entertainment joints. This article attempts to deep dive into the pool of entertainment spots and explore the various options which can serve as a prescriptive guide to both owners and clients.

pub according to the United Kingdom is a public house for drinking while standing and watching sports. An example of a pub in the DC area would be Queen Vic on H-street NE, Washington DC where Liverpool Fans meet to watch games. Pubs mostly serve beer even though contemporary pubs now serve wine and whiskey. Traditionally, pubs are quite often a whole building in itself with very wide windows seeable from outside. Pubs do not have staff, vip tables, dancefloor or bottle services but do offer finger food. Pubs usually have multiple bars and seating area outside on the courtyard or on the streets. Entrance into pubs is generally open and free to the public. Pubs’ main center piece is on the beer and multiples TVs since its clientele is mostly sports fans.

Bar, compared to a pub is a modern and costlier establishment that serves alcoholic beverages. They will offer a variety of drinks such as wines, specialty brews, mixed drinks, ice shots, fruit punches etc. A bar’s stylistic layout is elective, utilizing lighting, shading and design to make a special sophisticatedly looking environment in the area. Some bars do serve food. Those that have an emphasis on the food they serve are referred to as “gastropubs” for example Buffalo Wild Wings. That does not automatically mean any place that serves both is a gastropub, it must meet certain criteria. Some upscale bars charge a cover fee at entrance but does tolerates ultra-casual dress attire. The center of attraction is the bar- it’s sophisticated nature and the expertise of the bar tender!

Club or Disco (old fashioned appellation) is a dancing venue with very loud music (club bangers such as trap, pop. Coupé Decalé, Bikutsi, Makossa, Afrobeats, Soka, Dancehall etc) which also offer a bigger space for dancing, vip tables and charges a fee at the entrance. Clubs acquire well-known entertainers to play the music for the night. Has a minibar and sometimes a stage for special guests’ performances. The center piece of a club is the dance floor, and not the physical bar. The ceilings are usually very high and the guests very wild, it is usually the place where gentlemen go fishing. Also worthy of note is that some night clubs do enforce (no t-shirts and tennis shoes) dress code.

A Lounge, which sometimes is essentially indistinguishable from a dance club, with the exception of the concentration which is not generally around dancing but more cocktails and relaxing background music (Zouk, Jazz, Zouglous, Rumba, Forklore, Country music, RnB etc). Clients can still dance, but generally everybody is at a table talking and mingling. Lounges also offer finger foods and have a tendency to be entirely upscale with some even enforcing bottle service and dress code at entrance. Hence, clients expect sections of comfortable seats, lounge chairs, pillows etc. for them to get a feel of venue, since the center piece is nothing else but on one word – COMFORT.

A Café, is a type of restaurant that has an enclosed serving place but mostly having an outdoor section to let customers enjoy their snacks in the open. Although café comes from coffee, as is reflected in the focus on serving coffee varieties to the customers, in the US, a café represents an informal restaurant where food is served such as Panera Bread, Starbucks etc.., mostly bagels, donuts, burgers, can soda, bottled water, crackers and sandwiches etc (snacks).

A Restaurant is a French word that refers to places where a great variety of food and drinks are served to customers. It is a commercial establishment where a customer can not only buy meals, he can also eat these meals in style. The food served at a restaurant is not ready-made and usually prepared and served after a customer orders from a menu. Water is served as a food compliment and tables wines usually accompany the food and gratuity may be compulsory. These days home deliveries have also started from restaurants though mostly people come and sit, waiting for their orders to be prepared and served by waiters or waitresses.

In contemporary times, the difference between a bar and a pub for example has become blurry with bars looking a functioning like pubs and vice versa. Worthy of note is that Clubs require payment to get in and a professional disc jockey comes with the package, whereas bars and pubs do not. A lounge must be defined by slush, elegance and class. For readers who fall in the customer ranks, I hope you now understand what to expect on your invitation and how to dress up before you get to your destination and not be disappointed. For proprietors, I hope you too now get a glimpse of what clients expect your business says; bar/lounge/pub/restaurant or club!

In conclusion, a gentleman;

Goes to a pub to meet his buddies and watch his favorite team play;

To a bar to have a drink and run the clock;

To a club to dance and have fun;

To a lounge to relax and listen to some good music;

To a café to grab coffee, telework and network;

And to restaurant to eat because he is hungry.


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