Top 20 Summer Tips for Dapper Men to stay Classy

Summertime is right around the corner, the temperature is rising and every dapper man is looking to completely change his closet to a summer-appropriate one. When looking between options it can be hard to find a summer dapper appropriate attire, unlike winter, aka dapper moment to shine, everyone’s appearance in summer can easily get sloppy because of the warm weather.

Transpiration is normal, it happens, but if the outfit isn’t appropriate, transpiration can become an alarming amount of swear no dapper man wants to be seeing experiencing. A dapper man must always analyze his choice of fabric during shopping sprees at summertime to make sure it is not only of good quality but isn’t made of a heavy and not breathable material.

As to untangle summer’s fashion, to a dapper appropriate style, here are a few tips to help you look your best for the next 3 months.



1.    Short Sleeve Shirts Polo Shirts Starting at $19.99

Summer is the unofficial fitted polo shirt season, from colorful to solid color shirts, the season is when a dapper man take on the golf course for a good time most often, and of course, the item is the most obvious choice for such occasions. It can also be used during casual lunches and is a good item to pack if you are going on a tropical vacation. A good tip is to stick with the light color ones seeing the darker the clothing, the more sunlight it absorbs, making you feel warmer.


2.    Bet on Linen

Linen is the best option for summer, it is an elegant and breathable material that can be used in many occasions, but as all good things in life it comes with a price, in linen’s case, it is wrinkles, so make sure to iron it, steam it or spray it with water and smooth it using your hands.


3.    Athletic Wear

A dapper man won’t be the one to use athletic wear all day every day, but as this kind of fabric is known from detracting moisture, it is a good option when exercising, rather you are working out hard at the gym or just going for a light jog at the beach. One piece of athletic wear can also be worn on casual occasions during the humid weather as the only sporty piece of an outfit. For those men who are huge fan of sports, summertime may just be perfect to rock your favourite team's jersey or track suit.


4.    Shorts

Shorts is the staple bottom of summer, and a dapper man knows the worth of a well fitted one. The idea is to have 7 to 9 inches for the in-seam, and remember, comfort is key with this item. When you finally find your perfect pair, make sure to buy it in different colors, as it will most likely be your go-to item for the next 3 months.


5.    Cotton

A dapper man may not be the biggest fans of cotton, but for beach vacations and a few casual summer outings, it is likely a cotton t-shirt or polo may be the easiest and bearable thing to wear, as it is a great breathable material, but a dapper man must always look for high-quality items as quality is the one thing that can be seen from miles away. Boys' Polo Shirts Starting at $9.99


6.    Hats 

Hats are a must have in summer since they provide shield to the scalp, hair, eyes, and skin from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. A hat also help give added coverage for the skin area around the ears and neck. As a dapper man, you always try to have a couple of hats for different outfits or dress code since there exists casual and dressy hats.


7.    Pleats and multi color

A Pleated bottom sometimes can be enough to make yourself look well dressed without really trying. In case of a casual summer occasion, you really don’t have time to prepare as you would like to, bet on pleats to make your job easier. Multicolor shoes, shirts, trousers or blazers sometimes is just what you need to make your presence felt at a cocktail or at a soirée.


8.    Boat shoes and secret socks

The boat shoe design is a comfortable and stylish designed classic that shine brightly during summer days, great to compose a casual look with either chinos or shorts. As the piece isn’t just a season wonder, it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality pair, as you will be able to wear it next summer, and during tropical vacations. Once the length of your clothes decreases, also should your socks. A dapper man won’t be seen with long socks while wearing shorts, it is just not elegant and makes you look like a slop. During the summer months, make sure to put your long socks away so you won’t reach for them, even by accident.

9.     Sunglasses or Shades

As explained in the guide-to-sunglasses article, sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement, even though they do a great job at it, they are a necessity to every human being on the planet, but also a simple accessory that can make a man’s outfit go from normal everyday boring clothes, to a full elegantly executed look. Sunglasses also help in driving in sun as they provide a better eye protection and driving vision clarity than the car's shield, hence they should be an additional glove box accessory when stepping out with your car in summer.


10.     Sneakers and Sandals

With the exception of being on the beach, a dapper man won’t be seen wearing rubber flip flops, especially in public. It doesn’t matter if every brand is selling them, it is not elegant and is merely a beach shoe. In a casual setting, choose to use sneakers instead, and for a complete dressed down look, a good quality sandal can be used sporadically during daylight and never paired with socks, as it would make your carefully picked outfit look silly.


11.    Pedicure

As mentioned in our grooming essentials article, a dapper man should get a pedicure year around. This gets a much stronger emphasis during summer months, as you will be more susceptive to having your feet out, and no one wants to have the unpleasant experience at looking at an uncared for feet, neither you should feel comfortable presenting yourself in this situation to the world. During this summer months, make an appointment and get a pedicure (plus a manicure while you are at it).


12.    Smell

As a dapper man, you must wish to smell good at all times. This can be specifically trick during summer months as you transpirate more, but a trick to make a nice smell last, unlike most people believe, is not to use a bigger amount of perfume but to find scents that work with one another in different products, such as perfumes, moisturizers and more. Research your usual fragrance to find if the brand you love makes a long-lasting version. You will find most brands do, which makes it easier to have the scent last the whole day without reapplying it. This kind of long-lasting scents are usually a part of an exclusive collection, which makes it a bit pricey, but investing on your image is one of the best investments you can make and the real dapper man knows the worth of it.


13.     Miniature or Travel size perfume 

An option to not run out of your signature smell during summer days is to carry a mini version of it with you when possible. The miniature versions are great not only for the summer while you are staying in your town, but the size is also more likely to be allowed on a plane, so it’s a win-win situation.



14.     Product Placement

Each person have their own prefered perfume area in the body, even between dapper men this varies, but to make it last longer, apply it to the coolest part of your body (such as your hands), as it will take you longer to sweat it out and the conditions of evaporation decreases.


15.    Deodorant

Your trusty deodorant may work great during any other season, but when summer comes around is a good idea to look for a stronger one for better results.


16.    Lightweight moisturizer

Summer also affects a dapper man’s grooming routine, as his everyday moisturizer feels thicker than usual. Once this happens, it’s good to look for a lightweight moisturizer that works for your skin type. Products you may also need to trade during the summer months include sunscreen (as most people usually go for a higher SPF one) and serums (as skin changes drastically).


17.    Shave

A dapper man is always well shaved at the armpits and pubic area. If you have been lacking on this during the cold months, summer and the warmth it brings is the perfect reason to shave. Caveman needed body hair to stay warm, we have stylish clothes that do the job even better.


18.    Change More Often

A dapped man never uses the same outfit for a whole day, especially if he leaves the house, but during summer months is a good idea to not reuse any piece as you transpire the entire day at a much higher level, so once you get home do make sure to put your clothes in the laundry room and put on fresh clothes before stepping out again. Even pajamas or whatever clothing item you wear to sleep must be changed daily, as everyone tends to sweat more in their sleep.


19.    Change sheets more often

As you sweat more in your sleep at any season, you as a dapper man know the importance not to amount dead skin cells in your bedding, especially pillowcases, as it is specifically bad for your facial skin, as it is thinner than the rest of your body skin. During summer it is important to change your bedding even more often. The smell of the sheets is also an important aspect and reason to do so.


20.    Bright Colors

Warm weather is the ideal time when everyone feels bold and delighted from within. It's the time when you should replace your darker colors with brighter ones. Whether you are stepping out for a casual hangout or attending private party, you should feel confident ditching that grey, black, and navy for pink, turqouise, cognac, plum or bright blue. If the saying that "Real Men Wear Pink" is true, then Summertime is the Ideal time.

What are your tricks to survive summer without sacrificing your personal style? Leave us a comment below!

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