Guide to Sunglasses, a major key to Dapper Looks

As a dapper man, you know sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement, even though they do a great job at it, they are a necessity to every human being on the planet, but also a simple accessory that can make a man’s outfit go from normal everyday boring clothes, to a full elegantly executed look. Keep reading this article to make sure to be both informed of the benefits of such product, the best type for your face shape and the most fashionable one you can find today, and let it guide you through the land of perfectly picked sunglasses.


Importance of Sunglasses

When sunglasses were created, it was to improve one’s vision, not their outfit, so its use has many benefits, both that remains from its creation time to new ones our society deem important today. As a dapper man myself, I believe this kind of knowledge must be propagated.


1.    UVA/UVB

You have always heard of this two acronyms and you know it is connected to the subject of sunglasses, so here is what you may not know: The UV (ultraviolet) radiation we all know are overwhelmingly powerful. If not properly repelled, in your late life it can cause your sensitive eyes to have diseases such as cataracts, and increase risks of macular degeneration. Make sure to only purchase ones which specifically say “100% UVA/UVB” for the best protection at all times.


2.    Squinting

As a dapper man you take great pride in your skin, especially your facial skin, and as you must know, squinting cause wrinkles, and no one wants that, so do your future self a favor and put on sunglasses before heading out.

3.    Lighting Change

If you have ever been comfortably indoors and suddenly go outside, you know you felt blinded for a few seconds, until your eyes go used to the sudden illumination change. The same happens when you are turning off all of the lights in our home before heading to bed. Wearing sunglasses make this not happen, as it is easier on the eyes, and even know I’m not suggesting you wear sunglasses before bed, I certainly advise you to use it while you are driving.


4.    Vision

There’s a reason we squint when not wearing sunglasses during the daytime, wrinkles aside, the biggest problem is we can’t see, wearing sunglasses will improve your vision during outdoor activities.


5.    Headaches

If you suffer from headaches, you know bright lights directly into your eyes can even cause migraines. Sunglasses help with this problem being a big pro, as no dapper man likes to feel bad, especially in a “not being even able to work” scale.


6.    Style-wise

Sunglasses help you improve your style game, you can check this fact by googling David Beckham’s royal outfit (even know his outfit itself was amazing). Most man only accessory at the most time are sunglasses and no one even notice their lack of jewelry, even know as a dapper man, you wouldn’t pass on jewelry, sunglasses complement your outfit even more.

7. Maintaining Class.

If you notice very well most celebrities have a class of their own and an almost perfect lifestyle to live up to, thus a pair of shades is a must have at all times. Celerbitity sunglasses are very stybollic to their style and it serves them many purposes such as paparazzi camera flashes, avoid getting noticed, conceal tiredness from public notice etc. Cameroon's Afro RnB/Soul Singer, Song Writer and Performing Artist and maker of a special women apprecation hit single Woman Crush Tzy Panchak (pictured below ) is one conspicous example for his dapper signature appearance in Versace Sunglasses

8. Overcoming Shyness 

Did you know that besides wearing sunglasses for the various health benefits above, some men are actually too shy that they hide behind shades to look bold? While there are the type of gentlemen who cannot look into the eyes of a charismatic woman to talk to them ;), there equally those who cannot walk pass a croud not to even mention stand to talk infront of a group of people but can try to overcome their timidity with the help of shades.


How to Match Sunglasses and Outfit

Rather you choose a solid color or patterned outfit, you can always match your colors to a more stylish look. Sunglasses-wise, you can match either the frame or the lenses to your clothes. Don’t believe in the misconception that the sunglasses must match a big key piece such as your shirt. Any details such as a similar pattern or small details in your outfit do  the job just fine.


Lenses Color Choice

When it comes to picking sunglasses lenses color, frame-wise, you can choose any color you want, but when it comes to the lenses, there are a few more appropriate than others.


1.    Grey lenses

The perfect day to day color. It is chic and elegant, but not too much as to be inappropriate or seem like you are trying too hard to look cool.


2.    Green lenses

Green lenses are the best for any sport related activities. Keep in mind polarized lenses are often better for this kind of activity as they block out sun glares.


3.    Brown lenses

Brown lenses are perfect for the countryside, so rather you live in it, or is planning a trip to, make sure to pack your brown lenses sunglasses.


4.    Graduated lenses

As a dapper man you love to read, to make sure you can read at any situation outdoor, such as at a park, the beach or even at your own backyard, make sure to buy graduated lenses (the one with darker color on top and lighter color on the bottom) to keep you protected and able to enjoy your book.


Picking Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Your face shape should always be taken into consideration when purchasing sunglasses, the right one will be the ones looking better on your face embracing and highlighting your features. To help you figure out your face shape and the best sunglasses for it, here is a quick guide:


1.    Triangle Face Shape

This face shape has the format of an inverted triangle, meaning your face starts larger (in the forehead) and ends with a smaller bottom (at the jaw), the cheekbones being the medium size between both extremes.  Triangle faces usually have pretty hard straight lines, to make the lines seem more natural, opt for rounded sunglasses.


2.    Square Face Shape

This shape of face has a square jaw with length and width almost exact the same from top to bottom. Rounded is the word when it comes to it, not only rounded glasses, but different shapes with rounded edges do the trick, but do choose it with precaution to not take it to an extreme.


3.    Round Face Shape

If you have a round face shape you can basically wear any type of sunglasses and it will look good, but be careful with circular ones (such as John Lennon’s famously one) as it be too much.

4.    Rectangular Face Shape

This type of face shape is long with rounded cheekbones and jaw. They are the one that can pull off basically any shape sunglasses, the only exception being the teardrop ones as it will bring too much attention to your jaw which may be negative to your look.


5.    Diamond Face Shape

Well defined jaw the same size, or almost the same size of the forehead with bigger cheekbones are what make this face shape. Rectangular and rounded styles are the best bet not to come out looking too strong.


6.    Heart Face Shape

Heart face shape is basically a rounded version of the triangle face shape. The best sunglasses for this type of face shape are the tear-drop ones (also know as aviators), they even help your jaw look a little bigger.


7.    Oval Face Shape

This face is longer than wider, with a little bit rounded jaw and cheekbones. This face shape can wear any type of sunglasses, so enjoy to play around with every different sunglasses shape. Gucci might just be the answer for a dapper look witn a Sunglass statement. Another promising DMV based RnB Song writer, Recording and Performing Artist O2udor (pictured below), maker of the hit song  My Girl is a perfect portrait of Gucci Sunglasses on an Oval face shape. 

8.    Neutral Sunglasses

There is one type of sunglasses that work as chameleons and work on every single face shape, the wayfarer. You may remember a few years ago the biggest trend in fashion was this Ray-Ban coined shape, and besides being cool and available in every color, especially nowadays as many other brands have been producing them (just not under the wayfarer name), this is the key choice to go to if you don’t know your face shape, or is trying to pick one different from the above stated rules, in this case, this are the ones you want to reach for next time you are shopping.

As there is nothing like the original, in wayfarer’s case, we recommend you choose a Ray-Ban. To get one such as this picture below, theck here one such as click here to checkout this Ray-Ban collection.

As a Dapper man, you are one to look for both high quality and brand tags, if you also happen to be an avid online shopper, once a new model comes out it may automaticly have your heart and you may feel tempted to purchase it as fast as you can, without trying it on first. Trying sunglasses on before buying it is just as important as tailoring your clothes, knowing your cigar and being clean at all times. Therefore, before clicking the “buy now” button,  go to the store to try it on because as we all know having a huge collection of sunglasses you either not like or is not sure about is a waste when there's always someone outhere who actually wants the pair so bad. So help a fellow dapper man and yourself, and always endeavor to try them on before you buy, since unlike clothes, sunglasses can’t be easily modified to fit you better.

If you are currently looking to buy designers sunglasses for the lowest price, we reccomend United Shades.

Have you found your face shape and perfect sunglasses match in this article?

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