Dress Code Etiquette for Dapper Men

Style as I mentioned in the style vs fashion article is by far the most important asset to a dapper man. Also knowing how to appear at each event within or even above the dress code expectation is a skill set that need not be emphasized to a man known to be dapper. Ever wondered why ? the answer is simple; he understands dress code etiquette which is vital in wardrobes architecting and shopping habits. When it comes to quality, he understands high-end quality beyond brand names. Besides knowing the etiquette of men’s dress code and  fabulously chosen brands you need to know how to assemble the clothes according to the occasion or your destination. To help in the always meticulous job of choosing what to wear, here is an easy break down of the code to make your getting dressed routine easier and much faster.


White Tie Attire

The the most formal dress style used only in high society events being only appropriate after dark. For reference of this style, think of the monopoly mascot (also known as Rich Uncle Pennybags).


1.    Tailcoat jacket

This jacket must be black and well-tailored.

2.    Trousers

The trousers for this dress code must be made of the same material as the tailcoat jacket, be pleated and worn with suspenders.

3.    Shirt

Must be white stiff-fronted with stiff wings, detachable wings preferred.

4.    Pocket Square

Must be worn and must be white.

5.    Waistcoat

Must be white and low-cut.

6.    Tie

White bow tie only.

7.    Socks

Black silk socks only.

8.    Shoes

Black patent leather pumps.

9.    Non-optional Accessories

Mother of pearl studs and cufflinks.

10.    Optional

Black top hat, white leather gloves, white lapel flower, gold pocket watch and walking stick.


Morning Dress Attire
This also known as the formal day dress has been the dress code for many weddings nowadays with daylight reception in an open field, even the royal wedding followed this strict dress code.

1.    Morning Coat
The morning coat is a must and colors should be either dark grey or black.
2.    Plain or Striped Trousers 
The trousers must charcoal, grey or black.
3.    Square Pocket
White or light-colored shirt with French cuffs .
4.    Waist Coat
This garment can be single-breasted or double-breasted. Can also be plain or stripped
5.    Necktie
Choose a light colored tie for this dress code
6.    Shoes
Pulished Calfskin Oxord or Loafers or Derbie

7. Top Hat (optional)

Before you think about David Beckham's attire at the just passed 2018 Rayl Wedding for Prince Harry& Markle, there was Karen & Philip's wedding in 2017 at Cambridge as seen below. Who copied from whom? smiley


Black Tie Attire

One of the most elegant dress codes, where quality and fitting are just as big of a deal as the pieces composing it. Tailoring is the key to this look, it doesn’t matter how expensive and exclusive your outfit is, if it isn’t well tailored, you are doing black tie wrong. Think about Most White Weddings, celebrity award shows like OSCARS or Golden Globe Awards as an example.


1.    Tuxedo

You can’t do black tie without a tuxedo. For this strict dress code, always choose the highest-quality black tuxedo for maximum style.

2.    Shirt

For this dress code, shirts must be white.

3.    Non-optional

Turned down wing collar, white pocket square, peaked lapel, French cuffs, cuff-links and silk black ribbed bow tie.

4.    Optional

Shirt studs and cuff-links.

5.    Shoes

Patent leather shoes or well poliched black shoes. Checkout Connaisseur Paris's tuxedos and formal collection


Creative Black Tie Attire

The only difference between the original black tie attire and the creative black tie attire is you can choose colored accessories, such as bow tie, cummerbund, and vest. Matches the standards for wedding receptions, award shows and Movie Premiers


Business Attire

Having a professional looking attire at work not only makes you look more professional but as a dapper man, makes you even more confident which end up making your work better. Business Attire also demands respect and gets it.


1.    Suit

You already know business attire calls for a suit, but besides making sure to have a well-tailored one, you must also know how to shop for it. Our tip is to go for darker colors such as black, charcoal and navy blue.

2.    Shirt

Stock up in the white shirts as they not only are business attire essential but fashionably speaking, they contrast with the dark colored suits, making your whole outfit “pop”. It is important to note this does not mean at all you have to only wear plain white shirts, as long as it is white, you can and should pick a different variety within’ the spectrum.

3.    Neckties

When it comes to neckties, the most professional looking ones almost follow the suit colors rule, the black, grey and blue are the best choices and you can always get patterned ones.

4.    Pocket Squares

You should always choose white pocket squares to wear at the workplace, it is a classic and follows the ambient classically professional vibe.

5.    Socks

As a dapper man, you do not want to be not taken seriously or be respected, so you must not use pattern socks at work, you are not a child, you are a professional adult and must look like it, so stock up on the solid color ones and if you own any patterned ones, either throw it away or leave it for less professional places.

6.    Shoes and Belt

You must always wear Oxford shoes to work, and the color must always match your belt and vice versa. At first, the only two acceptable colors for both when it comes to the workplace were solid black and brown but contempporary appearance accepts darker colors like navy and even checkered and stripped patterns. Keep in mind the variety of shades of brown shoes and belts there are the market and feel free to choose freely between all of them. See examples of contemporary business attire from Connaisseur Paris Boutique.

Business Casual Attire

The casual version of the business outfit is all about finding the perfect balance between casual and business in order to not look too uptight but still look professional as it is worn in a business environment. This dress code can be best exemplified as the open-minded brother of the business outfit code. The variety of both color and clothes grow exponentially and you are much more free to show a little bit of personality. The most popular business casual attire components are blazers or sport coats and a smart kakhi pants or solid color jeans (not ripped or destroyed jeans) and a leather sneaker (not the type meant for execise or sport activities) or drivers.


1.    Environment

There are a few different cases of business casual, such as no tie or suit (which has been getting much more popular nowadays) and just no tie. It is important to distinguish where your workplace fit in, in order to dress accordingly.

2.    No suit code

If your workplace reinforces a no suit code, you should opt for the use of sports jackets and trousers.

3.    Collar

In the business casual code, no tie is the norm, but when it comes to your shirt’s collar, you can choose to wear it open or not. As this is business casual, not casual, if you choose to wear your collar open, you must leave the magnetic collar on, to avoid looking sloppy.

4.    Shirt

In business casual, you can choose whatever shirt color you want, but just as in business code outfit, they must have long sleeves, as a dapper man you don’t want to look like an Italian model on vacation at your workplace.

Pro tip: If you feel like it, you can also wear cashmere and wool crewneck sweaters.

5.    Shoes

The outfit code have a much more diverse variety when it comes to shoes, you can choose between Mocassins, Oxfords, Loafers, Derbys and Monkey Straps,

6.    Color Balance

Keep in mind you don’t want to look like a color block, so play around with the tone of your clothes to make your look more stylish by choosing light bottom when you choose a dark top and vice-versa. Checkout varieties of the most stylish sport coats at Connaisseur Paris


 Cocktail Attire

The men’s cocktail dress code leaves room for accessories, but be sure not to go overboard with substituting a blazer with a tuxedo (tuxedo does not fit this concept). This outfit is for a soiree event, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, dinners or dates. As far as accessories are concerned

1. A well tailored two or three pieces suit

2. A pocket square or lapel pin delivers the perfect touch of subtle style.

3. A dress watch,

4. A a tie bar or some nice cufflinks and you’re good to go.

5. Any decent pair of shoes work here, could be sneakers, loafers, derbies, oxfords etc

A cocktail attire for men is a common ground between business and business casual even though jeans are JUST NOT permitted. 


Casual Attire

Casual attire is basically weekend attire. Best described as when you don’t dress sloppy, but you are not trying to look professional either. This category is between staying inside your home outfit (which as a dapper man also shouldn’t be sloppy), and business outfit. This is the outfit you go out with friends and partner on the weekend, where you must look on top of your fashion game balancing your style with the new trends in fashion.


1.    Pants and shorts

In casual outfits both pants and shorts can be either jeans or chinos, you must distinguish when to wear each. Differently, from the styles stated above, shorts are acceptable.

2.    Shoes

Remember, this is the going out and be seen but not professionally look, enjoy this moment to wear your sneaker collection while you are out and about, proudly.

3.    Shirts, T-shirts, and Polos.

Casual attire includes polos, shirts, and t-shirts, you have complete freedom when it comes to choosing polos and shirts, but with t-shirts remember not to wear screened ones.

4.    Blazers

If you are looking to dress up while wearing a t-shirt just add a blazer to the outfit.


Ultra Casual Attire

Only acceptable when you are having your holiday in the sun, this dress code is as free as it can get and there aren’t many rules to follow, meaning you have a lot of choices and must use your style sense not to look like a slop.


1.    Top

You can always count on t-shirts to pull off this look. Your options are limitless and your only worry should be finding good fitted ones, because as a dapper man you already know quality well.

2.    Bottoms

Just as you can always count on a nice fitted t-shirt for this attire, you can also count on shorts. Choose them above the knee to avoid looking shorter and choose based on functionality.

3.    Shoes

Choose moccasins and sneakers while making sure to not have your socks showing.

4.    Accessories

A way to make this simple look stylish is to add bracelets, watches, and rings.

As you can see, to each dress code there is a correspondent purpose and location. As a dapper man, it is important to know to decode them to perfection in order to be ready for every opportunity. Also note that examples are based on dapper lifestyle, hence what may appear too stylish to a regular eye may be considered casual to a dapper man smiley

One more thing, before you hit your chest that you have the right outfit for the next occasion, always make sure the texture, cut and finish are top notch…

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