How to Keep Your Space Smelling Fresh Always

How to Keep Your Space Smelling Fresh or Odor free

Odor is a repellant or a turn off for most ladies. In my college days, I was noted by my friends for being that guy who always had a box full of camphor in his room as an odor diffuser. In addition, I used to ask even my female visitors to remove their shoes before stepping into my room. Yes that was me and I have not changed, as matter of fact, I have become worse in that regard. Like I have mentioned severally in other articles, being a dapper man isn't solely dependent on appearance. To be well-kempt at all times has to start from your personal self and space (home, office, car etc), your space has to be kept odor free and smelling fresh unapologetically.

Being attracted to fresh scents is a part of the human condition, the opposite happens with odors, our sensitive nostrils repudiate such smell and should never be exposed to it. As a dapper man, your sense of smell is even sharper than most, as you sure avoid any kind of exposure to odors on a daily basis.

When it comes to your surrounding space dapper man’s must put as much effort to make it clean and smelling nice as they do when it comes to every other aspect of their life. A dapper man doesn’t do things half any, they work the best they can to achieve the best goals possible, and that’s the same energy and effort that must be put into everything in their lives.

In case you have come around such negative experience situation that must be remediated as fast as possible, or you just want helpful tips to keep the freshness of your surroundings, here are the best tips to both remediate odor and keep nice aromas flowing all day, every day!

1.    Declutter

As a dapper man, a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t agree with your way of life, but that doesn’t mean you should live a life that will put you in the next episode of Hoarders neither. It is important to at least once every season get rid of the excess. Keep in mind it is a noble gesture to help people in need, and there are a lot of people who could actually use items that are just occupying space you could be actually using, so, separate what you have no use for and donate it. The items not suitable for donation should be sent to a recycling service company, as the dapper man value Earth and its resources that you are (In case you can’t find one, or don’t have the time to search, leave them at Goodwill as they do work this process out.

2.    Clean

The obvious next step is to clean your place. Cleaning your car, house and office should be done often to avoid a slob looking odor smelling space. The floor should be wiped every day, and you must deep clean it with products at least once a week. Pillowcases should be changed every 3 days, bedding should be traded at least once a week. To achieve balance, do not let nothing accumulate, so work your way to a cleaner space by doing the dishes after every meal, cleaning everything you may spill on the floor and every other cleaning basic.

3.    Windows

Opening the windows of your space will allow it to ventilate which not only is good for the air circulation it improves, but during warm weather months, the sunlight helps get rid of bacterias.

4.    Diffusers

To have your house and office smell fresh all the time the best and easiest purchase you can make are diffusers. There are many different types of this product in the market and it is a joy to shop for. Between the favorites, the gadget-like plug in ones that don’t come with a scent from fabrication, that way you can buy your favorite scents and take it everywhere with you.

5.    Air Fresheners

When it comes to your car, it is recommended to always have air fresheners around, it gives your vehicle a distinct smell, so choose it wisely and drive safe.

6.    Fresh flowers

A great way to have a naturally nice smelling space is to always have fresh flowers in it. Remember to trade it every time it starts to die.

Pro tip: Cut small pieces diagonally of the bottom of the flowers every 2 to 3 days to make it last longer.

7.    Candles

Every girl youtuber and probably all your girlfriends probably have talked to you about their obsession with candles, and you may think it a way too feminine item to have around your place, but having a nice smelling place isn’t just for woman, neither is candles. If you are too worried about being judged for having candles around, look for “man candles”. It is actually a thing and it will open you up to a whole new world you will most likely obsess about. These candles include tobacco, Bourbon and more.

8.    Incense

Most people seem to think there is only the ordinary type of really strong smelling incense in the market, but within’ the years, the incense market has grown to a much more extensive one, including elegantly packaged and complex smell ones.

9.    Plants

Having plants indoor help not only with decoration but also with cleaning the indoor air. Plus, plants usually have their natural scent which will integrate and complement your space smell.

10.    Potpourri

Another great option to integrate your house smell while making it more complex is potpourri. The product has a soft smell like no other and is easily perceived by our smell senses. To add it to your home, find a nice looking bowl you would like exposed in your space and goes with your decoration.

11.    Baking Soda

The secret weapon that can be found in any supermarket for a cheap price is baking soda. This trick on the sleeve have de-odorizing properties and can be used by itself or added to your usual cleaning products to make it even stronger.

12.    Perfume

Everyone has a favorite scent to use in their body, even dogs have their own specifically created perfumes, so why shouldn’t your home and office? To make your house or office smell nice, choose a nice scented perfume you would like the space to smell like. A few sprays of the right scent can make any ambient smell nice quickly.

13.    Product Placement

It is important to choose the ideal placements to your scented products. It is a very particular choice varying a lot from space to space and possibilities are endless. A nice hack is to put products such as air fresheners in front of air vents to have it dissipate in the space better and faster. Adding a scented candle to your bathroom is also a good idea, but make sure to choose a location that won’t easily have water spill on it and turn it off.

14.    Furry Pets

A reason why a seemly clean house doesn’t smell fresh may be because furry pets in it are being taken for granted. It is important to take your pet to take a shower once every 2 weeks. As much as you want to take him more than that, it is not advisable as in the long run the pets’ skin may suffer from dermatological diseases from it. Treat your pets right, and take proper care of them, you wouldn’t leave a baby without proper care for long periods of time, so don’t do this to your pets neither, specially considering they go everywhere in every space, they are explorers by nature, and once they do so, if they are not at their best they will likely lose more fur than necessary and you will have even more work cleaning it.

15.    Trash

It is a good idea to take your trash out at the end of each day. Letting trash in your house for too long makes its odor spread and ruin the work you put into cleaning it. If the ambient scent is a concern, and as a dapper man it is, you must get rid of the number one thing that causes a place to stink.

16.    For Emergency Use Only

If you find yourself in a situation where you have people coming over to your place and even know it is spotlessly clean and it is possible to even see the blink cartoon makers add when a character clean the house, but for some unknown reason the place is stinking and you don’t have time to run errands to find the other options listed above, find a beautiful open-top hollow product (it can be bowls, cups or whatever you can find that can have liquids inside) and fill it with vinegar. Vinegar is a powerful resource to get the smell out of an indoor space. It will probably smell vinegary, but that’s better than nothing if a time comes when you need a quick solution. As a dapper man, this is not an acceptable situation to be in, your house should always perfectly presentable, just like your appearance.


It is important to note that even though there are ways to trick the sensors when you are trying to make your space smell nice, for a dirty and messy space there isn’t. Plus, being in this kind of environment makes everyone feel bad. Nice smelling products shouldn’t be used to cover odors either, only to aggregate to the freshness of a fresh space, the idea of masking the true conditions of a space is pure slobby and not a trait of a dapper man.


What other product would you suggest to make your space feels and smell fresh? Leave us a comment below!


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