How Men can Avoid Getting a Friend-Zoned by their Crush

Complaining about getting friend-zoned have become a usual, but there’s only one way of getting friend-zoned and everyone knows very well about how it is: trying to be a friend someone in this hopes they will fall for you instead of making your intentions known from the beginning you are attracted to the person and/or wish to be more than friends. So that here is a guide to avoid getting friend-zoned:


  1. Don’t Let It Feel Like Friendship

The worst thing about taking too long to show your true interest to the person you are attracted to is this you develop a friendship, and once you do, it’s easy to start to second guess yourself about whether you should ask the person out or not, and at that point, you are close friends and you may not want to ruin this.


  1. Don’t Take Too Long time to Ask Your Crush Out

How is she supposed to know you are interested in being more than friends if you never bring up that subject or talk about it? Don’t expect everyone to take hints, especially small ones that don’t come out as being hints to anyone but do yourself, go straight to the point. Plus, if you take too long time, the person may get in a relationship and you will be friend-zoned. So, go for this!


  1. Be Selfish, Put Yourself First

Obviously, timing is everything, but self-esteem and courage are also very important. Keep in mind the worst that could happened is the person saying NO.  Considering the other option is being their friends and a shoulder they can cry on, especially about their own relationship that isn’t working, is not going to make the person fall for you most of that time. Instead of taking all that time on someone who doesn’t even know you want to be more than friends, say it in upfront what your expectations are and be so nice, the odds of it working are higher than getting out of the friend-zone!


  1. Friend-Zone Is Your Fault Only

The idea that woman and men can’t be friends is not an acceptable notion in that century, nor is the one that says everyone (especially woman) always know the difference between when someone wants to be make friends or more than friends. And you are not the center of the universe, no one is going to waste their time friend-zoning you on purpose. There are over seven billion people on Earth, that’s a lot of people to befriend, if you don’t want to be friends with the person, she can just go anywhere and make it friends.

Also, there is a main reason why we were given the ability to speak and express ourselves, and that’s so we could use it to communicate clearly what we want and what our intentions are. Use it wisely!

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