Fleece: The Fashion Trend Anyone Can Rock

Fleece jackets are comfortable and according to the latest entertainments fashion trends, also stylish and cool.

We are all aware of how fashion trends come and go, but fleece started as a summer trend  that year and has everything to be the best of the winter seasons.

The actual reason may be because it is cozy, or because it makes you somewhat resemble a bear – and everyone loves bears. Whatever the reason brands decided to invest in it, one thing is for sure: Fleece last, and that is a trend you can be a part of now, but also rock mostly during winter time once the trend dies off (I mean, that has been consistently resistant of time so far, but someday that will have to end, right?).

In the sea of fleece, you will most likely be overwhelmed by, both online and in stores, we choose the very best investments styles for that time of the year and the best time to wear them:



For the Freezing Cold Winter Day

Some days are colder than others, for that specific days, what better than a fleece jacket to keep you warm while you battle your way out of your bed, and to the outside of the world?

Our favorite so that far is the Toloer’s Pullover Hoodie Jacket for being a perfectly warm thick cold jacket. Our favorite is the basic black one.


For the Cold Winter Day

For the not freezing but still cold days, we are thinking Geek Lighting’s Sherpa Lined Hoodie is a great option to wear to venture outside. That will keep you just warm enough, while you go about your day not worrying about possibly getting a cold.


For the Light Jacket Cold Winter Day

If you live somewhere where cold winter days aren’t consistent, you may want to check out quality Hanes’ EcoSmart Hoodie. It will give you just sufficient protection against the cold to avoid a runny nose – which is a really big dapper don’t.


For the Windy Winter Day

If you are looking for a windproof jacket without having to go too old school by wearing a windbreaker, check out Vcansion’s Fleece Windproof one, available in three colors: Black, blue grey and yellow.


For the Cold Rainy Winter Day

That is not a good idea to get soaking wet, both for your health and your personal image. To avoid looking sloppy check out Little Donkey Andy’s Water Repellent Soft-shell Jacket with Removable Hood. That is sure to keep you looking sharp during those rainy days.


For a Cozy Winter Day In

If you are planning to have a quiet day in with your family or your friends, Forthery’s Knitted Cardigan Sweater is great to lounge on and is available in five colors, one for each day of the week.



For the Winter Going Out Look

If you are planning to go out but not freeze or look underdressed, consider getting Kemilove’s Fleece Leather Jacket. Our favorite for a going out look is the one in black color.


For the Denim Lover Winter Day Look

Everyone can pull off a denim jacket, that is a classic which never fully dies down. If you wish to make the very best of both trends, get yourself a piece with both together like Lavnis’ Corduroy Trucker Button Down Fleece Denim Jacket. Its casual fit is great from both a day in nature to a all coffee date.


For the Outdoorsy Winter Day

If you are looking to go to an adventure or just trying to put together a daring looking outfit, Outdoor Shaping’s Water proof Breathable Military Tactical Jacket is just the piece you must be looking for it. The only downside of that piece is that is only available in one color, so you can’t get it in a variety of colors to wear it every day.


For the Elegant Winter Day Look

Being cold is not a reason to not look your better, or to avoid not casual environments. For dressing up and looking dapper that winter invest in a Chouyatou’s Stand Collar Wool Blend Single Breasted Pea Coat Fleece Lined, available in both black and dark grey – great options for a night and a day looks.


For the Trendiest Outfit Winter Day Look

Sometimes we wake up and wish to dare or make a good fashion statement. If that’s your work, check out AATop’s Sherpa Fleece Quilted Coat. That stylish piece is sure to make you stand out as the fashionable man you are.


For the Dapper Winter Day Look

If you are looking for a jacket with a best great cut and color you can wear all winter around while looking put together, check out HOW’ON’s Casual Sherpa Fleece Jacket With Fur Collar. It is a not simple winter essential you can rock out all winter.


What are your current favorite trends? Let us know below!

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