Fashion vs Style, The Overview and Differences Explained


Fashion and Style till this date remain the most interchangeable used terms among not only men but women as well. It is clear that the challenge of making a clear difference between fashion and style is a reality in our world today. As a classy gentleman, one ought to have figured out himself regarding his style in the early adult age.

Coming from a developing country where we struggle to keep up with the images on magazines and TV shows from second handed wardrobe recycles from the West, one will think people of the west are better of. This is also false preconception. While some people have a wardrobe full of fashion outfits but still unable to dress themselves up appropriately, others try to assemble every designer brand name on them at once and step out looking like a masquerade. This type of people lack the sense of style. And apparently too ignorant to realize the damage they are doing to themselves.

The saying goes “what makes style; STYLE is what makes you; YOU”
This implies your personality is your style and can be made easy if you know who you are. Teens or young adults tend to switch styles way too often because they are still trying to figure out themselves as they grow up. If you do not dress in a way that portrays your personality, you may be working too hard. Fashion can be costly, stressful and challenging to stay abreast with. Note that once you have crafted your style, dressing up becomes effortless.

While fashion leaps from look to look with little rhyme or reason; style evolves rhythmically, adapting and becoming stronger, consistently solidifying and establishing itself in heritage and tradition. When it comes to men’s style, the following table summarizes it all and can also serve as a guide for gentlemen seeking to become fashionable and stylish.

Fashion is versatile Style is eternal
Fashion is universal Style is individual
Fashion is for followers Style is for leaders
Fashion is propagated Style is intuitive
Fashion persuades Style seduces
Fashion is in the store Style is in you
Fashion is in brands Style is your brand
Fashion can be costly Style is effortless
Fashion distracts Style connects
Fashion is attached to the masses Style is attached to class
Fashion emphasizes on the clothing Style emphasizes on the person
You buy fashion to increase your collections You invest in crafting and improving your style

However, fashion and style are interrelated and sometimes complements each other. For example, you cannot be stylish without buying fashion that suits your style. In other words, fashion is what is presented to you by fashion designers and style is what you pick based on your sense of style.

Comparatively, I’d say a stylish man is dapper, but a fashionable man isn’t necessarily. I have come across many persons heavily armored with trending designer clothing and accessories all over but still look scruffy fashion-victim.

It is for this reason I’d rather be stylish and invest rather than fashionable and simply buy when building my wardrobe. By investing in style, you can build a wardrobe that keeps looking better with time than have a dissociated pile of fashion in your wardrobe.

I will conclude by saying fashion is the hype while style is the substance. Don’t just buy fashion, invest in crafting your style!

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  1. Very explicit presentation. Thanks for preventing some of us from falling to the pressure to stay up to speed with fashion. Now let me start figuring out what my style is.

  2. It’s quite an interesting post. I used to dress just to look good but came to realize there is more to the way you present yourself out there than just looking good.

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