Dapper Maniac’s Official Thanks giving Gift Guide line for 2018

Thanks giving is a useful time to be thankful for everything you have, but as a dapper man never show up to a party empty handed, this is also the time to think of the perfect gift for the host of every Thanks giving stop on your list.
As holiday gift giving can be tricky, we made a list of that very best gifts to give your friends and family this holiday.


For the Host Who Love the Outdoors
There’s no better gifts to your outdoor lover friends than a Yeti Portable Cooler. This is every outdoorsy person dream, as it is easy to take everywhere, and it is very nice quality. If your outdoorsy friend is the girly type of girl, consider the pink version of the product.


For the Host Who Love Beer
For a beer fanatic, Beeropoly, a drinking game for adults, is the best choice. Not only everyone can play it after dinner, but it is sure to be a party hit – If you tend to entertain a lot, you should even consider getting yourself one too!


For the Host Who Loves to Grill
We all have a designated griller in our family and group of friends, they are the BBQ heroes making the barbecue parties a success, so why not help them up their game by gifting a Barbecue Smoker Gift Set, it’s a win-win to everyone involved.


For the Host Who Love Memories
In this day and age all pictures usually are taken and stay in our phones, at most they are posted on social media, but for the memory lovers, a gift like an HP Sprocket is sure to be a success, as it is an easy way to print your memories at all times. They are sure to take up scrapbooking or decorate their house with more pictures with this gift.


For the Host Who Love Candles
You can’t go wrong with gifting a Capri Blue Volcano Candle, every candle-lover loves this one and is sure to be the best gift of the night. If you are feeling generous, make your own candle gift set by adding a few of your favorites, and/or a few Dyptique candles, such as Baies and Vanille.
This is also a great gift idea for when you have no clue what to give someone, candles are a universal good gift, there’s no going wrong gifting this item.


For the Host Who Loves Wine
Gifting wine is not ground-breaking, but if the only thing you can think of gifting is wine, try going for wine accessories such as a Stainless Steel Electric Bottle Opener. It is a cool gadget that is sure to be more innovative and fun than just gifting a plain bottle of wine. Plus, you can gift it with a bottle of wine which will make your gift even cooler.
You can also go for beautiful Copper Stemless Wine Glasses, as they are elegant and look beautiful in every kitchen.


For the Host Who Loves Sparkling Water
It’s 2018, we all have a friend or family member whose goal is to try every single brand of water for the sole purpose of being a water connoisseur. I don’t know when this became a thing, but it is spreading fast and people have a lot of fixed opinions about their favorite water brand, so for the person in your life who enjoys water, more specifically sparkling water, why not gift him or her an Aarke’s Sparkling Water Maker? It is sure to make their holiday!


For the Host Who Loves Skincare
As a dapper man, you probably know a lot of people who are skincare fanatics, and as everyone has their own favorite skincare brand, they won’t trade for anything in this world, the best option is to gift a Mia Smart Luxe Holiday Giftset, consisting of a Clarisonic and 4 specialized brushes.


For the Host Who Love Cooking
For who loves cooking, there’s nothing better than fresh ingredients, so consider gifting them a Prepara Herb Saver Pod, which keeps herbs fresh for 3 days, all they must do is put the herbs inside the pod to be conserved.


For those who love fine wines

There’s no better way of giving your dapper friend, coworker, family member etc with a treat than having a mail man knock on their door during thanksgiving holidays with a rare and extraordinary bottles of aged fine wine that will impresses your connoisseur collector. Such a unique wine gift features Napa Valley’s most prestigious Cabernets aged 8-12 years in stringent, temperature-controlled conditions and I bet you, you will be forever remembered.

For Sports Fans

Celebrating thanksgiving with friends and family can hardly go through with just food and drinks without heated debates about our favorite team(s), tournament(s) or player(s). Thanksgiving actually coincides with great moments of major sporting events in Soccer Leagues (EPL, La Liga, Serie A etc), Football (NFL), Basketball (NBA), Baseball, Hockey, Boxing etc. Treating your bestfriend, children, coworker, brother or rival with his favorite athlete’s autographed jerseys, cleats, gloves, helmet etc might just be the best thanksgiving gift ever.

What was the very best gift you have ever received? Let us know below!

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  2. Great ideas on the types of gifts for the different types of people. This streamlines it out for some who may get confused as to what to get.

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