Best Hacks to Look Classy and Apart in a Normal SHIRT – STYLE AND FASHION GUIDE

Everyone wants to look something more than average. But it will not go to have suit or something like that everywhere to make you look different and good from others. I am going to tell you some tricks and hacks and if you follow these steps everyone will notice you even in a normal shirt, It’s all about Style and Fashion, Clothing Trends, Men Fashion, This Season Fashion, and all you need to do is described below:-

Prefer Quality Over Quantity:-

Now this is the most common mistake what we men usually do! If you think why buy one original shirts when you can buy many fake shirts at the same price then you are not going to be leave an impressive shine to anyone. Because the original one will describe about quality, People don’t notice whether you’ve wore original or not but fake one don’t make you attractive like the colours quality, Collar, sleeve collar, buttons etc. And never buy oversized shirts.

Make it only for you:-

What you’re wearing make it looks like it is just for you. Make your tailor your friend and fit all your shirts you buy even if you think you don’t need to fit them because after fitting it’ll define the right shape of your body which will be better than before. No one look good when he wears a shirt which make him look like the shirt is hanged on hanger,

Try Experiment:-

Try every different type of shirts when you go to shopping and then choose the one which you love from all options. Don’t afraid of trying different combination experiments on yourself. Describe who you are without saying a word.


Fold your sleeves half of your hand so it will give you a badass look and it will keep away from looking dumb and nice guy. And if your shirt is perfectly fit on your body then if you will fold your sleeves not only it will enhance your beauty also it will also leave a sign that you have well knowledge of fashion and grooming and you know how to deal with it.

The Collar & Buttons:-

You know what’s the most important thing make men look sexy and badass is? It’s our chest leave first two or three buttons of your shirts as it is and make it like it can highlight the chest line on your chest or cleavage. Don’t you know it is the sign of being sexy? Women love it and also you’ll feel the confidence in your body.


Feel what you want to become as you’re. Only a positive attitude can help you to make a sexy glimpse of you in other and it will leave a positive impact on your character. No matter how you look a good character person can always replace you with its qualities, but if you have both character and looks with positive attitude then you can win this race.
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