8 Awesome Tips to Prevent Hair Thinning

There are a lot of things a dapper man cares about, but the way he presents himself is one of the most important. When we get to a certain age, it is normal to start losing some hair, but to make sure we are doing all that is possible to slow down the process, here are a few essential tips to help keep your hair in your head, where it belongs.


Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Every day

We all know a dapper man’s goal is to always feel fresh, but within’ the hair loss process starting, we must allow the natural oils to be in our scalp for a while, as it is extremely beneficial to our hair’s health. Even if you feel you must wash it every day, a rinse is usually enough to keep you fresh, while letting natural oils act.


Use a Conditioner More Often

Conditioner’s name says it all, it is a product that condition your hair to keep it as healthy as possible, with nutrients and all it needs. Unlike the shampoo, which the only purpose is to clean your hair, conditioner is a powerful ally in the fight against baldness, plus it also helps to make your scalp feeling fresh when you don’t shampoo every day.


Pick Better Products

A dapper man never goes for a cheap product, but he must not go for nutrient-poor ones either.

Styling your hair is in most cases necessary, products are needed to do so in most cases, but if you are going to put products in your hair the best choice is to look for the best natural ingredients’ ones with lots of healthy nutrients which will in the best case scenario stimulate growth, or at least not cause it to thin.


Less Product Is Better

It is important to not be heavy handed with the amount of products you use in your hair daily. Your scalp needs to be able to both breath and work to create its natural protection, not be an overwhelmed hat-like hair of so much product.


Stop With The Hats

As a dapper man you shouldn’t be depending on hats to go through a bad hair day anyway, so with the exception of a once in a while usage of a hat that goes perfect with an outfit which shouldn’t happen often anyway, stay away from hats as it is proven wearing it clog hair follicles because it refrain your scalp’s sweat glands to breath.

As we have previously stated in this very article, with no oxygen, there’s no oil production, and with no oil production, there’s no hair growth, so stop sabotaging yourself and avoid hats at all cost!


Allow It To Air Dry

It does take quite some additional amount to time to have your hair air dry, but heat is aggressive to your scalp and should be avoided at all cost. If you absolutely must use a dryer, at least use it in the cold setting. For best practice, the best idea is to refrain from it all together, and as a dapper man, you know the value of doing things the right way to avoid unwanted consequences, in this case being bald.


Ingest Enough Ingredients

You already know your diet is directly correlated to your body’s health, but it also affects your hair’s health. Consuming the right amount of vitamins in your day by day is primordial to keep your whole organism healthy, as even your hair does use a portion of your daily consumption of nutrients.

If you live a fast-paced life or just don’t want to change your unhealthy eating habits, at the very least start taking a multivitamin to make sure you are getting your daily dosage of health.


De-stress Your Mind

Stress is one of the biggest reasons of hair thinning and baldness, it is known to put your entire body health in jeopardy and your hair is no exception.

If your work is responsible for most of your stress find time to do something in your day that calms you down, meditation and yoga are the most talked about methods, but just by adding your favorite hobby to routine already helps your mind to cool down, no matter what it is.


Keep in mind it is much easier to slow down the hair thinning process than trying to regrow it, so it is a good idea to make sure to begin best practices as soon as you can.


Is your hair starting to thin? What are some of your tips to slow down the process? Let us know in the comments section below!

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