12 Common Traits of Extremely Stylish Gentlemen that can easily be noticed

Remember the previous post where we differentiated a fashionable from a stylish man? Yes, one of the differences we pointed out is fashion is in the stores while style is in you. If you find someone with style, then he must truly be living in style. In this post I will be bringing to your attention common traits of stylish gentlemen like myself 😊. This must not be absolute but to a greater extend holds true most since dapper men share common traits.


1. Stylish men do not compromise when quality is concerned. When you know, it becomes impossible to not know. Quality defines style, in other words you cannot talk style when you do not know quality. Extremely stylish men understand this philosophy better than anyone else, no doubt a stylish gentleman would rather buy a used LG Smart TV at a price higher than a brand new Vizio smart TV everything else being equal.

2. They are superfluously detailed. Stylish men are stylish because they craft their style to suit their personalities. They tend to pay attention to every little detail on just about anything. The electronics must have certain feature before they can validate, the shoe sole must be of a certain height, the suit lining must be of a certain color, the business vs evening suit must be of a certain fabric, the furniture must be made of a certain wood type, the car’s steering wheel must be of a certain height, the car doors must not make a certain sound when closed, the actor's shoes looked wrinkled, the presenter's shirt didn't fit too well etc. Very insignificant things a normal man will not even notice or ignore, is a big deal to stylish men.


3.  A dapper man is a picky man. It is very normal to spot that dapperly looking gentleman in a party who is the only one not with a glass or plate in his hand simply because his choice of drink or food is not available. They are the hard liners and very strongly opinionated. They are very adamant to flow with the crowd. They will not eat at certain places, wear certain brands of clothing or not sleep in certain hotels. They live in their own world and are never bothered about what the majority is doing provided it does not temper with the integrity of their style.

4. They do not necessarily shop the trending fashion. Though it sounds like Kanye’s huge ego, stylish men pay less attention to what the runways, magazines and fashion events have to offer at any given point in time. Instead, they can go any length to look for a specific fashion item to compliment their outfit. It is very normal to spot a stylish man in discounted stores like Last Call, Saks Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack, thrift stores or even yard sales as the quest to compliment a specific outfit is bigger than the affluence of the supplier.

5. They are extravagant with satisfying their sense of style. A stylish man can pay the equivalence of the most expensive trending shoes for a vintage bangle, simply because it suits his style. This may sound crazy, but it is a fact. I remember my first shopping in the US was a Sisley in Georgetown, Washington DC where I bought a tan U-neck pinstriped vest for $375(was only making $10.50/hr back then) and my friends said I was insane 😊. I had a white kaki pants harnessed with tan leather side buckles and a tan John Vervatos ankle boots that I wanted to match the vest with. Nothing could stop me from buying that vest as I had long been searching for something similar. Coming in contact with that vest was an epiphany. I have also bought a vintage suspender from Estonia for 400 euros, just to satisfy an appearance I had crafted in my head. please ignore the bowtie πŸ™‚



6. They have undying love for luxurious car brands/models. You can predict the presence of s stylish man from the parking lot. If it’s an American brand then it's either a dodge challenger, corvette, Cadillac or Lincoln and if it's Japanese then it's a Lexus, Acura or infinity. A majority of stylish gents are go pro-European with brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Maserati, Bentley etc.


7. They are always equipped with the necessary gentleman’s outdoor accessories or toolkit. Everyone can purchase a watch, eyeglasses, portable electronics etc. but only a stylish gentleman purchases a complete set. They have spare phone charges (including brands they don’t own just in case someone is in need), power banks for laptop and tablet or cell phone, eyeglasses cleaning pack, watch maintenance toolkit, cellphone extra protection pack, laptop/tablet/cell phone cleaning pack, headphones, tom drive, USB cable, shoe polish/brush, handkerchief, umbrella, mouth wash, pen & notebook, a spare pair of suit set etc.

8. Most stylish people have their homes setup in style as well. They spend a great deal of resources towards furniture, home electronics and even kitchen utensils. They are good fragrance collectors; hence you expect the best smell even from the bathrooms. Reason why their homes are always a reflection of their dapper appearance.

9. Stylish men are very knowledgeable. Knowledge is a prerequisite of style. That is to say if you do have the mastery of the art, you cannot bring out the aesthetics embedded in it. Style goes beyond brand names, it involves in depth knowledge of fabrics cut, texture, color, seam and fit. It is neither by magic or coincidence that a stylish man always look different. The reason they are very detail oriented as previously explained is simple, they take time to research on the when, where, how and why of their favorite clothing and accessories. They enjoy knowledge sharing mediums like blog posts and enjoy popular outdoor hangout spots like pubs and coffee shops where they can meet other men with similar interests.

10. Stylish men are the real deal when it comes to grooming routine. Their understanding of hair care, facial care, foot care and overall skin can be compared to that of ladies. They would rather be late than appear shabby even on a casual rendez-vous. While some have calendars for facial treatment, others have for hair treatment even those who are entirely bald still treat their baldness with finesse. That is why ladies can attest stylish gentlemen are the cleanest men out there from inside out, they do not only look good on a Saturday night. Looking good beyond expensive designer clothes and shoes is the philosophy we are preaching here.

11. Stylish men are creative, they tend to create their own style amidst several fashion trends and still standout. They do not pay too much attention to the store mannequin, instead; they design their own appearance from fashion accessories. They can go extra miles in crafting their appearance and what is intriguing is that the final product will always be seductive 😊.


12. Extremely stylish men are very charismatic. It takes more than just hype to be you, to always appear in a way that brings out your personality and entices others. That means being very conspicuous and yet remain you is an attribute that most shy folks cannot handle. Stylish men are envied and talked down upon simultaneously. They are most often detested and criticized openly either because of insecurity and low self esteem from peers caused by their commanding and flamboyant personality or by simply because of hate.

Do you agree?

What else can you add…

  1. You said it all.
    Being ‘stylish’ is a relative word. What appears to be stylish to me might not be the same to others. But That is normal because people have different taste. But every stylish man has that one unique taste/quality that distinct you from others.
    Being Stylish goes with your personality too. How you carry yourself will reflect on your confidence level. How confident you are will reflect on your ‘body posture’. A confident stylish man with the right body posture can make a $5 shirt appear more stylish in the midst of others wearing more expensive clothings.

    1. Yes truly confidence is a default ingredient in a stylish man. That is why he is unshaken by fashion trends or public opinion. He shops from a thrift store proudly and still step out in style.

  2. The clinician himself…fashion is in the stores , style is in born…you made my day…stylish men are born in March

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